Sunday, August 29, 2010

Burp Cloths & Bibs

Burp cloths & bibs can be made with any applique, fabric & monogram.

Plaid Shorts & Applique T-shirt

I am making shorts now...these shorts were actually made from a thrift store find. I have found some great material for boys outfits at the thrift store. And they make for one-of-a-kind outfits. I love finding new ways to be creative. I need to post my fabrics on here that I found at the thrift...there are some cute ones! I can make applique letter T-shirts in any letter and fabric. Block letters are cute for boys...I can draw any style letter for boys or girls.

The Birthday Suit

This is my new favorite outfit! Any Johnny or dress can be made with a number applique with monogram over...for the special birthday boy or girl. This Johnny was made for my nephew's 1st Birthday. I am so glad that I can make outfits for my nephew...he is always my guinea pig. Coming soon....I will be making shorts and pants.

Auburn Monogrammed Burp Cloth

I can create burp cloths with any fabric and monogram. This monogram is the first I did with my new monogram software. I now have the capability to use any font you can find on the internet and can make monograms larger by using the fill stitch feature (which I used on this monogram). Please let me know if you are interested in monogramming!

Navy Gingham Football Johnny

Another option for the football fans out there. This outfit is perfect for a divided household...the neutral colors make it more appealing to all different fans.

Striped Monogrammed Lucy Dress

This fabric is perfect for spring, summer, or even early fall. The monogram is set on a solid fabric to help it stand out more. This concept could be used on any fabric to create a monogram that will stand out better. Thank you so much to K for ordering this outfit and for allowing me to have creative freedom with this. I love when I can come up with new designs for my customers!

4th of July Duo - Johnny

This is the Johnny I did for a customer for the 4th of July. The matching dress is below.

4th of July Duo

I'm a little behind on posting my new clothes on my blog. We have had a very busy summer, to say the least! This is a matching boy/girl set I did for a customer for the 4th of July. Also would work great for Memorial Day, Labor Day, or any other patriotic holiday.